Tuesday, April 03, 2007

7, 24 or 9 Arches - 1 April 2007

Middle Nene Sailing Club Nine Arches Bridge

Islip ChurchSummer seemed to arrive with the 1st of April. After a quick look at Kettering we headed to Thrapston to do a walk around the canal and lake system there. We finished the walk at the Nine Arches Bridge over the River Nene. A seven arch bridge was built in medieval times and replaced in 1795 with a 24 arch bridge. This was reduced to the current structure in the 1840s after the arrival of the railways.

Higham FerrersHigham Ferrers was the next stop: the main feature of this attractive town is a medieval chapel and gatehouse, which is all that remain of Chichele College, a lay institution set up, around 1425, to pray for the souls of the founder and the King.

The Tiffany WindowWe had picked up a walking trail around the town of Kimbolton so we headed over to Kimbolton to check it out. The town is well worth a visit: highlights were the Castle, now a school, but- formally the residence off the Duke of Manchester; the other highlight was the Tiffany window in the local church, which the Duchess commissioned in 1900 from Tiffany of America, to commemorate the early deaths of her two daughters.

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Craig (mars-hill) said...

I wonder if that's the same Thrapston we passed through the other night? We arrived after dark and left immediately, so I guess there's no way to find out.

Did 'your' Thrapston have a "peace park"? (I don't know why it was a peace park.)