Tuesday, April 03, 2007

82 Arches - 31 March 2007

Northampton MarketNorthampton Guildhall

78 DerngateWe decided to check out Northampton, for our family canal boat cruise, later this year. The town has a very fine Guildhall, and a great pedestrianised shopping area. Somehow, it encouraged us to spend money rather than time and we spent rather a lot!

The recently restored early Art Deco house, 78 Derngate, was the highlight of our day. In particular the entranceway and guest bedroom were stunning.

Eleanor CrossA must-visit historical site in Northampton is the Eleanor Cross, one of only three original crosses remaining from the 10 Edward I built to mark the resting places of Queen Eleanor’s cortege on her journey from Lincoln, where she died, to London, where she was buried.

In the afternoon, we travelled north to Harringworth, to do a walk based on the Welland Viaduct. Welland ViaductThe viaduct is a stunning railway bridge comprised of 82 arches striding across the valley. It took 20 million bricks to build the viaduct, the first brick being laid in 1876 and took 2 years to complete.

Sheep by numbersDuring the walk, we crossed a paddock of sheep with their new spring lambs. Each mother was painted with a number, and her lambs (they all seemed to have had twins) had the same number. As we walked through, number 65’s lamb ran off with family number 23. The White SwanIt wasn't long before 65 realised its mistake, and its cries reminded us of the children's book, “Are you my Mother?'

An excellent dinner in The White Swan at Harringworth ended the day in fine style.

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Janine said...

"You are not my mother, you are a snort!" Ah, good times!

So, what did ya'll buy on your expensive shopping excursion in Northampton? This wouldn't be anything to do with upcoming birthday now would it? :-D