Monday, February 12, 2007

Peterborough - 10 February 2007

Peterborough CathedralPeterborough is these days visited by people making in-person applications at the Passport Office, but originally was a religious centre with one of the country’s early Abbey's, dating from 650AD. The Abbey was sacked and rebuilt a couple of times and ultimately dissolved with all the rest by Henry VIII.

Fan Vaulted ceilingThe cathedral, about 800 years old, is huge: an impressive statement of its time that, apart from the ‘new’ addition (15th C) at the eastern end is largely the same as it was when first built.

Ceiling from 1250The vaulted ceilings in the ‘new’ addition were, apparently a trial run by the architect who perfected them in the fabulous chapel at King’s College, Cambridge. The wooden ceiling in the nave is original and unique in the UK. Only 3 others from this period (1250) survive in Europe.

The town centre is pedestrianised and consequently very pleasant to wander around.

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