Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Barcelona - 24 February 2007

The CathedralAfter a rushed start to catch an early morning train, which never arrived, we reached our hotel in Barcelona late morning. The Ciutat Hotel in the centre of the historic area, is an excellent base for exploring Barcelona.

The nearby Gothic area has the Cathedral amid a maze of narrow streets encircled by the old Roman wall.

We then wandered down La Rambla, the ‘place’ you have to go to stroll. Street ArtistsIt is lined with Street ‘statue’ artists, buskers, pickpockets and the traditional areas for selling art, birds and flowers. Such is the significance of the street that there are two words coined in its honour; an adjective (ramblista) to describe Columbusthose addicted to the act of the act of ramblejar (walking up and down La Rambla.)

La Rambla finishes at the waterfront with a column topped by Columbus pointing meaningfully out to sea (in the direction of Italy!). Street sceneFrom there we explored the new bridge to a shopping mall, and ended at La Barceloneta – the old fishing village. After lunch, we walked along the beach and back through La Barceloneta and the old city to our hotel: twisting and turning in a rather random fashion to explore the old streets.

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