Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Werfen - 5 June 2006

View from the cave mouthThe weather on Monday was a much better, so we took a train trip to Werfen, to visit the ice-caves. These are the largest ice-caves in the world and well worth a visit, provided you attach yourself to a tour that is offering an English as well as a German commentary, as it is a very interesting trip.

Hohenwerfen FortressWerfen's main streetThe town of Werfen itself is also pleasant to visit, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and dominated by the fortress of Hohenwerfen.

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wally said...

Enjoyed your Blog, found it on Google search for Hohenwerfen. We were to the ice-cave in August this year. I invite you to view my blog. We vacationed in Uttendorf, 60 kilometers from Werfen.