Friday, June 30, 2006

Docklands Dalliances with Pole Dancers - 24 June 2006

The past dwarfed by the presentSaturday saw us enjoying fabulous weather in the London Docklands area. It is just such a contrast to ‘old’ London with its heritage buildings. Here in the Docklands they have boldly redeveloped the land around the docks that had been left behind when containerisation moved the port area further down the Thames. The Blue BridgeWhat has been achieved since the 80’s is simply fantastic. And yet, the reminders of the past are there with old dock cranes etc scattered around.

The Traffic Light TreeWe started close to one of my favourite sculptures, the traffic light tree, and walked along the Thames path to the southern most point of the Isle of Dogs , with views to Greenwich, then back up the middle alongside the old docks, over to the western side, with views of the Dome, The new, the old, and the waste of moneythen back across the top to our

starting point.

On the mooring rope for a floating restaurant we came across a great example of urban rubbish recycling.Beginning life on a rubbish tip A pair of coots was tenderly raising their offspring on a collection of rubbish. Not quite on the scale of the kids raised on the rubbish tips in the Philippines.

Pole dancersThe reason for picking this particular weekend was a festival that was being held in and around the Docklands area. Street theatreSaturday

was ‘dance in the streets’ day and we enjoyed a number of performances before heading home.

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