Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yellow Submarine: 3rd January 2006

The Yellow SubmarineThe last excursion was billed as the “Yellow Submarine” and the VJV rep told us we would go 3m under water. The only bit that was correct was the ‘yellow’. We may have been viewing from 1m under water, if that, and in that sense it was “sub” marine. All in all it was a total rip-off that our wiser companions avoided paying for.

The flight home was delayed 2 hours which meant that by the time we had got back to central London the Tube had stopped running. Our only option was a rather expensive taxi ride home, £35 as opposed to £2 each on the Tube. The world famous “Knowledge” for the black cabs obviously does not extend this far as I had to tell the driver where to go.

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