Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jordan: Tuesday 27th December 2005

It was an early start to ensure we made the connections through to Gatwick. Heavy snow was forecast for the region and we were concerned that the trains might stop running. However the first flakes fell after we arrived at Gatwick and as we flew out over Kent we could see the ground below was very white.

We were advised to arrive early to procure a seat with extra legroom. The standard seat pitch on Astraeus Airlines (the charter operator) was just 29” and many web reviewers had lambasted the airline on this point. On arrival at the check-in we found that extra legroom seats were available at £20 per person one-way. Decided it was worth the extra money and were assigned seats in row one, a bulkhead row. This meant that there was extra knee room and there was no one in front to recline their seat but it also meant that you could not straighten your leg out at all. One of the problems with my bad knee is that I cannot sit with it bent for extended periods of time, so all in all the extra cash was a waste of money.

After a 5-hour flight we arrived at Aqaba and were put on coaches for a 2-hour drive to Petra.

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