Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming back from the sun road - 12 August 2012

The day had a very early false start when the alarm sounded at 0200. A meteorite shower was occurring and the sky was partly cloudy when we turned in. We were told 0200 would be the best time and since there is almost zero light pollution in this part of Montana we decided it was worth a wake-up call.  We saw total overcast and went back to bed, to wake to a cloudless sky in the morning. Nature can be cruel sometimes!

In the trip planing we had decided to follow the Wise Men's example and return by a different route and I was sure that I had read the West to East was the best way to make the trip over Going-to-the-Sun Road.  In endeavouring to confirm that detail I found so many comments that suggested both ways were good and since the day dawned cloudless we decided to enjoy the views along Going-to-the-Sun Road in the opposite direction.

As before there were plenty of stops for photos and a walk to Sun Point and the Barring Falls.  All in all a slow, relaxing and fantastically scenic day.

After checking in at Whitefish we set off to see the town which has had the main shopping street remodelled, reasonably recently by the look of it. It is really very quaint and well done making it a most appealing looking town.
After attempting to access the lake and finding our way blocked by a fee required State Park, we stumbled upon the town beach which was free and enjoyed a refreshing dip in this surprisingly warm glacial lake followed by picnic dinner in a gazebo overlooking the lake.

97 Miles today, total trip 4930. States: Montana.

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