Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finger Lakes - 24 July 2012

Our campsite was just a few miles from the Watkins Glen State Park, so the first order of the day, before the temperature got unbearable, was to walk the Glen Creek gorge; 1.5 miles and 822 steps up beside and under a number of waterfalls.  What a beautiful spot!
Returning to camp, our tent was now dry after another overnight thunderstorm so we packed and set off up the western side of Seneca Lake, one of the largest of the nine finger lakes in the area created by retreating glaciers.

At the top of the lake we stopped briefly in Geneva before heading across to the top of Canandaigua Lake and the beautiful town of the same name.  We decided to eat lunch down by the lake edge and chanced upon a delightful area of quaint old boatsheds built in a higgledy piggledy fashion.

There are many fabulous houses in both of these towns but we felt we should take time out to visit just one, The Granger Homestead in Canandaigua.  Gideon Granger was the 4th (and so far longest serving) US Postmaster General way back when and his grand home has been preserved and the outbuildings house a carriage museum with many fabulous old carriages either with wheels or snow runners.  There were even a couple of  "Surreys with a fringe on top".

From there it was a run across rural upstate New York to Buffalo and our first US rush-hour traffic crawl as we crossed the river that feeds Niagara Falls on to Grand Island where we were so spend a couple of nights.  Grand Island in the Niagara river is, apparently, larger than Manhattan Island - a standard unit of area measurement in the US!

169 miles today, 521 total trip States: New York

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