Monday, September 05, 2011

Brittany – 21 August 2011

Brittany has always seemed an exciting destination,but the problem is the volatile weather. The forecast was pleasant and fine for the weekend only, so we decided to explore Morbihan. This department in Brittany has some beautiful walled towns, with medieval castles.

Sadly, Fougeres was still overcast when we left, and our next destination, Vitre, was no better. Both towns have wonderful castles, walls and old towns. They were very picturesque, in the sunshine they would have been even more amazing.

The low cloud and mist cleared as we drove to Josselyn. This town is very captivating, with fine old town centre and a stunning castle. The sun was out in force and we enjoyed the beautiful summers day.

From here we travelled south to the coast, to Vannes. This is another old town with most of its medieval walls intact. The town is lovely, but more impressive are the wonderful gardens around the walls on the south side of the town.

Vanne is on the Gulf de Morbihan. This large Gulf is flooded with water from the Atlantic through a narrow channel, and there are many islands in the Gulf. We decided to visit the fishing village of Le Bono. The is one of the many villages on the coast around the Gulf. The village was cute, and we nearly spent the night there, but as there was plenty of afternoon left, decided to push on towards tomorrow's destination.
This meant that we came upon an unexpected beauty spot, the medieval town of Guerande. This has the circular town walls and moat intact, with the original town gates. We totally fell in love with this town, and after exploring, found a camp site nearby.

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