Friday, May 13, 2011

The Chelsea Set – 8 May 2011

After an introductory special at a new Spa in Chelsea, we set off to explore the area. The Thames is the obvious feature of the area, and the famous historic people who lived there, such as Sir Thomas Moore. Not far from the river is the home of 19th century writer, Thomas Carlyle. The home is just as he lived in it, when Chelsea was a quiet area away from the busy hub of London. The house was full of amusing quotes either written by him or his wife, or written about him. One we loved explained why his works were not widely read anymore, as he “wrote English with a German accent”.

A drink in a pub costs a small fortune in Chelsea. We stopped in a lively outdoor area, which used to be a Farmers' Market. Obviously popular with the young set, who had no problems with jugs of Pimms, 1/3 full of ice and costing over £20.

It is a beautiful area, not spoilt by change, (apart from inflation) a real pleasure just to wander and enjoy.

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