Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Walking into History – 26 & 27 February 2011

The British Museum has completed their 'History of the World in 100 Objects' project, and we were able to complete the 'treasure hunt' on Saturday. This time last year, we did part one, which was the first 30 objects, and they now have a self-guided tour for the entire 100 objects.

The overall concept is to get an overview of world history from prehistory to the present time. It must have been an exciting (and difficult) project to select the objects from the huge collections.

We planned to attend an auction at Lord's Cricket Pavilion on Sunday, so decided to take a tour of the Lords Cricket Ground in the morning.

As Lords is very close to Abbey Road, we took the opportunity to do another 'historical walk' . Although it was quite early on Sunday morning, we were not the only tourists there, taking photos on the iconic pedestrian crossing, just near the Abbey Road Studios. I wonder if the Beatles could have imagined that in 2010, this would become the only 'listed' pedestrian crossing in Britain!

The tour of Lords was interesting, starting in the museum, where we saw the original Ashes Urn and the current Waterford Crystal trophy; then the members room; dressing rooms; a walk through the stands; and finally the new Media Centre. This futuristic, spaceship-like building has, as you would expect, a commanding view of the sloping pitch.

Next time we see a test match on TV, we will be able to imagine the members enjoying the game, both in their members room or the stands, and the media beaming the game to us, from the very 21st century Media Centre.

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