Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winter Wanders – 29 & 30 January 2011

London's Mayor generously paid for a wide selection of walks this weekend, so anyone could participate for free. I wonder how many other major cities could have such a large number of interesting walks.

The walk on Saturday afternoon called “ Spies and Spy-catchers” was led by a guide who used to work for MI2. Nearly 100 people joined the walk, which was really excellent. We walked past places in the St James area where the various Military Intelligence operations were run during the war, learnt about the notorious spies, Philby, Burgess, McLean & Blunt, as well as other really interesting historical happenings.

On Sunday morning we joined a walk called “Subterranean London”, with another very humorous guide. We learnt about what moves beneath London pavements, and underground history.

Just near the end of the morning walk, we came across the English Civil War Society, who were holding their annual remembrance of the execution of King Charles I.
The walk we joined on Sunday afternoon was “Hidden Treasures”. This should really have been called “a walk along the Thames”, but as it was a beautiful afternoon, we didn't mind learning about the various buildings that line the banks of the Thames between Waterloo and Tower Bridge.

The Winter Wanders were part of the Mayor's three seasons of sponsored walks. We'll have to look out for the spring walks.

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