Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Titanic Exhibition - 21 November 2010

The highlight of today was the excellent Titanic Exhibition at the O2. Rather than go directly there, we took the Tube to Surrey Docks, and enjoyed a walk along the south bank of the Thames, around the Greenland Dock area. Unlike the Chilterns walk yesterday, this part of London is full of closed pubs. We did find a little gem for lunch, and enjoyed an excellent value pub lunch at the Dog & Bell.

When we reached Greenwich, we decided to complete the last part of the Thames by boat, and this took us directly to the O2. This is a great place to sit in an “outdoors” cafe without actually being outside. The exhibition was fascinating. The range of artefacts recovered from the ocean floor is amazing, even non-durable items like playing cards and bank-notes have survived 88 years on the sea floor.

The entrance to the exhibition is with a 'boarding pass' in the name of one of the passengers. We were then able to check the passenger list to see if 'we' survived or not. Christine was a Second Class woman passenger who survived, but Murray was a Colonel travelling First Class who, very properly, went down with the ship.

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