Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cordoba to Ronda – 9 October 2010

Unfortunately the MSN forecast for Cordoba that we had seen 4 days ago in London, was uncannily accurate and we awoke to very heavy rain. Fortunately, the prime attraction in Cordoba is La Mesquita, a mostly indoors attraction. It is the third largest “mosque” in the world, but has not had Muslim services since it was captured by Fernando in 1236 and now contains a large cathedral.

It was worth a walk in the pouring rain to visit and once inside, in the half-light, the presence or absence of sunlight or rain was irrelevant. It was still deluging when we emerged, so we had a long wet trek back to the car which, in the heavy rain, seemed to be in the least convenient park in town.

On our way out of Cordoba we stopped at the Medina Azahara where a new visitor centre was opened exactly a year ago today. Entry was free as the star attraction was closed but the audio visual about the city the Caliph built in the 10thC was very well done. Amazingly, this fantastic city lasted only 80 years, which is probably longer than the new visitor centre will last as they were rushing around placing buckets under the various leaks in the year-old structure.

Staying one step ahead of the rain we stopped at Ecija, “the frying pan of Spain” that hits 52C in summer – no such luck today, and Osuna and then Ronda where it was surprisingly difficult to find a room.

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