Friday, May 07, 2010

From Liverpool to the potteries – 3 May 2010

Docklands Museum, LiverpoolAfter another look around the docklands, and a visit to the Docklands Museum, we did not take the “Ferry 'cross the Mersey” we took, instead, the tunnel under the Mersey River to have a look at Port Sunlight, a model village built by Mr Lever manufacturer of Sunlight soap products, for his workforce. This village is definitely worth a detour; beautiful homes built in a village filled with flowers and manicured lawns. I imagine there must have been a waiting list to get a job in the factory, to have the right to live in one of these lovely houses.
Port SunlightPort Sunlight
SndbachFrom here we took a route straight across Cheshire, through the towns involved in salt production since Roman times. The town we liked best was Sandbach, with two carved pedestals over 1,000 years old. Previously, they would have supported stone crosses.

Moorcroft PotteriesOur final stop of the day, was for a tour booked at the Moorcroft Potteries. Their tours do not run on weekends, but happily for us, they did run on Bank Holiday Monday. We found the process very interesting, and now understand why their products are expensive.

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