Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is starting to spring 21 March 2010

Miniature daffodils
Today was a much nicer day than the damp day we had yesterday, and we enjoyed the MG spring Naviscat in Sussex. After an enjoyable pub lunch at the conclusion of the day, we returned home via 'High Beeches' gardens. Here the spring flowers were starting to emerge together.
early Camelias
Because winter was so severe (worst in 30 years), they were predicting a late spring, with all the flowers appearing together. This was certainly the case here. Snowdrops were still around with daffodils just starting to open, and some rhododendrons in full flower.
American Swamp Lilly
So, with this profusion of spring colour, it was very pleasant wandering around their sheltered steep sided valley in the sunshine.

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