Saturday, February 13, 2010

Computer and other Art – 6 February 2010

Road view of V&AInternal courtyard of V&A
Computer art exhibitionThe V&A have a very interesting computer art exhibition at present. Most exhibits are interactive and many reflect the viewer in different ways. The manner of participating ranges from lights mimicking actions, to being able to capture photographs to participate in the exhibit.
Computer art exhibition Computer art exhibition
Fake 'ancient Egyptian' Coffin Mask sold for $5000The police also have an exhibition of art fraud. This was particularly interesting, as we remembered one of the cases, when a couple of years ago the Greenhalgh family were arrested. The son made the fakes, many with elaborate and convincing provenances, while his parents marketed them for him.

V&A RestaurantOne of the most delightful areas of the V&A is the restaurant/cafe. It is definitely worth taking a coffee break, just to enjoy the wonderful dining area which is entirely covered in ceramic tiles. This tile work is part of the original design of the museum and a glimpse of what the designer intended for the entire building, had funds permitted.

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