Monday, December 21, 2009

Enjoying what was left of the snow - 20 December 2009

Winter canal scene
Extra care was needed crossing the tracksThere was more snow overnight, so we did a 'countryside' walk at Osterley, which is a few train stops short of Heathrow. We had previously done the same walk in the summer of 2001, so it looked rather different today.

Ice skating swansThe fields were still covered in snow, and part of the walk was along the Grand Union Canal towpath, which was lined with snow, and sections of the canal were frozen. On such a lovely day, it was a perfect way to enjoy what was left of the snow.

Christmas decorations at Osterley ParkChristmas decorations at Osterley Park
The walk ended at Osterley Park, where the grand house was open, decorated for Christmas.

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esray said...

What a beautiful collection of photos and memories of 2009. Esther