Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In search of autumn colours Part II - 25 October 2009

Whipsnade Tree CathedralThe Whipsnade Tree Cathedral was planted after World War I by Edmund Blyth, to commemorate two fallen comrades. The concept is brilliant, and it looks great on paper but sadly, through the ravages of disease, many of the Whipsnade Tree Cathedraloriginal trees have also become 'fallen comrades' and their replacements are too young to look as magnificent as the name suggests. gliderBut despite that, we did a walk today to enjoy the autumn colours, that took in the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral.

Starting from the National Trust centre above Dunstable Downs, we were able to watch the gliders being launched far below us. The walk circled around the Downs on the Icknield Way, until we came to the Tree Cathedral. Sunlight on the fieldsFrom there, past a very picturesque (and also very closed due to the early hour we set out) pub, on a mostly level path back to the NT Centre.

Pub halfway round the walkThe autumn colours are definitely more advanced than last week, and most spectacular on our drive back via Aldbury.

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