Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toadally Let Down - 20 September 2009

CookhamToday we enjoyed the quintessential British Sunday afternoon drive. A leisurely start from London took us to the Chilterns, starting a circular drive in Cookham. This is the birthplace of Stanley Spencer, an artist born 1891, and we enjoyed looking around a gallery with a selection Cookhamof his work, including his last unfinished canvas which was on loan to the gallery for the current exhibition.

Cookham is also the home of Kenneth Graeme, and we hoped to find a shop selling “toads”, as we felt this would make a suitable mascot. But none were to be found, we even tried a garden centre called “Toad Hall”, but still no success.

Continuing on along the Thames, and fortified by the traditional Sunday pub lunch at Caversham, we visited Mapledurham House & Water Mill. This house was built in the Elizabethan era, in the traditional E shape. It has a very tranquil, backwater-on-the-Thames feel to it.
Mapledurham Water MillMapledurham Water Mill

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