Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Zealand to Zeeland - 2 May 2009

MiddelburgMiddelburg Square
As Kiwis abroad, we decided it was about time we took a look at the original Zeeland.

The bells, the bells!We always thought New Zealand was named by it's first European discoverer, Able Tasman. But apparently it is thought to have been named by Dutch cartographers.

An early start got us to Dover for an 8.30 sailing. A three hour drive, including a 6k tunnel, brought us through France and Belgium to Zeeland, the south-western province in the Netherlands.
Middelburg is the largest town. Like one of our favorite towns in Holland, Horne, Middelburg was also a base of the Dutch East India company.
Middelburg Town HallMiddelburg Town Hall
It has several grand old buildings and our B&B was right beside the Abbey, a wonderful complex, now housing several museums and churches. The only draw back, was the Abbey bells, housed in a fabulous bell tower we had admired during the day, marked every quarter hour and rang out the hour, right through the night. But the B&B was still an excellent location, and attached to the Desafinado Jazz cafe, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. MiddelburgDesafinado Jazz cafe

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