Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frost-free teaser - 11 January 2009

11 January10 January
As the overnight temperature was close to zero we headed back to Aston Wood to enjoy walking through the winter wonderland we had seen yesterday. Fingest's Norman TowerHowever a warm wind had blown in overnight and, we discovered later, the frost had disappeared by 1 a.m. What a disappointment, not a frosty branch to be seen anywhere and the ground frost had also melted so the walk to the viewpoint at the end of Beacon Hill was muddy and slushy with the melt-water run-off.

Since that was a relatively short stroll we went down the road to Cadmore End and walked from there to Fingest and back. It was a shame to not see this at its best: Spring would be great; Autumn would be stunning; a frosty day would be good; but today it was just drab winter. Looking down on FingestThe day was rescued by a great pub lunch at the Chequers, Fingest where the parish church is graced with a magnificent Norman tower that has stood there for the the last 900 years.

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