Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farnborough Air Show - 19 July 2008

Red ArrowsRed Arrows

Two years ago we got rained and frozen out of the Farnborough Air Show and since this year was the 60th Anniversary year we decided we would try again.

CatalinaBecause it was the anniversary year we were treated to an extended flying display that included nearly 30 minutes of the Red Arrows – always a treat. Other acrobatic displays were the Blades Extra team, the Aerostars YAK-50 team, the Indian Air Force Helicopter team, the Swift Acrobatic team with their gliders and one other team.

Parachute displayA huge favourite with the crowd was the second public flight, since 1992, of the Vulcan B2 bomber XH558, the only one of its type now flying. Even though there were nearly two hours of display still to come after the Vulcan landed, there were many comments around us along the lines of, “Well that’s what we came to see – lets go.” and many did at this point.

Indian Air Force Helicopter Display TeamHonouring the past in other ways were a Spitfire, a Vickers Vimy, a Hawker Sea Hawk and a display of 8 WWI aircraft taking part in a mock dog-fight. Throw in a dash of the unusual, the Bell Augusta Tilt-rotor; the roar of the jet fighters including the new Eurofighter Typhoon; and the plain crazy, an Alenia C-27 transport plane doing a loop; and a great day was had.

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