Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not the way we planned it - 20 April 2008

The path callsThe weekend focus was to be an MG Club Run from Stansted services on the M11 to the Bressingham Steam Museum near Diss. Because the run started quite early on Sunday morning we decided to travel to the area on Saturday and stay overnight nearby.

Chipping OngarThe weather pundits were most gloomy all through the week and we were not sure that the weekend would be on at all. However, as the week progressed the weather forecasters became less and less pessimistic and the promised torrential all-day rain slowly became "overcast with sprinkles", so mid-morning Saturday we set off via Epping Forest to Chipping Ongar. After a look around we went on to High Ongar where we went for a 6-mile walk in the intermittent drizzle.

The old hangerAn old airfield perimeter road
The walk spent quite a time on and around what we guessed was an old WWII airfield. There were many old roadways and even an old hanger but no evidence of the runways themselves.

Country CottageSunday morning was quite foggy as we set off for the start of the MG Run and that may have been our undoing as we needed the headlamps and foglamp and they drained the battery to the extent that the car would not run smoothly. The newly replaced dynamo and/or regulator had failed so there was no battery charging happening. At the start of the run we needed a pushHigh Ongar start to get the car going but after only a mile it was very clear that the day was over for us and as the rest of the cars streamed by we sat on the side of the road and waited for the AA man to come. He told us that there was no possibility of us making it back to London so he towed us back to our local garage.

High OngarSince we were home earlier than we expected and the weather was better than they had promised we went for a walk up to to Harrow on the Hill for another wander round the school that has been there since the 1650s and the church site that was first consecrated in 1094.

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