Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monopolising Mayfair - 26 January 2008

Mount St Gardens

We have been Londoners for more than 6 years now and there is still plenty of central London that we hardly know.

Today we explored Mayfair where the May Fair was banned many years ago when the area became a fashionable place to live. There are many streets lined with gracious Georgian buidings, many of which are now offices.

Carlos PlaceSouth Audely St

Mayfair is also home to some of the most expensive shopping on the Tiffany's windowplanet; Sotheby, Tiffany, Cartier etc and most stores have bouncers and/or electronic release doors. The streets, thanks to Monopoly, are household names: Bond Street, Pall Mall, Park Lane, Mayfair and so on. Just beyond is more of the Monopoly board: Oxford St, Regent St and Piccadilly Circus.

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