Friday, August 03, 2007

Leicester - 28 July 2007

Leicester ClocktowerIn the centre of Leicester, there is an interesting area called Castle Park that includes several historical buildings, some of which we visited.

Newarke House has several interesting displays: we especially enjoyed their period rooms and war displays.

GuildhallOn our walk around Leicester we came across the guildhall, the oldest building in Leicester, a real leap into the past; next door is the Cathedral, which has a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Leicester marketThe markets were full of good quality fruit at bargain prices: we wished we had such a good market near us in London.
Lady Jane's manorA short drive from the city centre, took us to Bradgate County Park from where we did an eight-mile walk past “Lady Jane’s” house. Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for 9 days before Mary Tudor took over, was born and brought up at the now ruined Manor House.

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