Monday, January 01, 2007

Introduction to Marrakech - 24 December 2006

Palais de la Bahia
The first tour organized by Voyages Jules Verne was an Introduction to Marrakech. This took in the highlights of the Medina (the old city) with a visit to the Palais de la Bahia, the Marjorelle Gardens, the Saadian Tombs and a museum. Palais de la BahiaAfter lunch we were treated to a horse drawn carriage ride around the outside of the Medina walls, all in all a full and interesting day.

Palais de la BahiaThe small section of the Bahia Palace that was not looted by a subsequent ruler is slowly being restored and has wonderful mosaic tiling, carved stucco, beautiful painted ceilings and cedar carvings.

Saadian TombsThe Saadian Tombs are three mausoleums that contain the bodies of the Rulers, their children, their wives and, in the courtyard between them, the favoured servants. The interesting fact is that not a single grave has a name or any other identifying mark: the theory being that in death all are equal.

Majorelle GardensThe Majorelle Gardens are the work of a French ex-pat, now owned by YSL, and are totally non-moroccan, a beautiful green oasis in the bustling city with an amazing collection of cactii. Majorelle GardensThe blue paint colour used extensively throughout the Gardens is now called Majorelle Blue.

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