Saturday, November 25, 2006

Our faithful Fujifilm F10 falters - 25 November 2006

Horsenden HillObservant readers of this blog will have noticed that since 28th August (45 days after the warranty expired) there has been a small dark blob top centre of the photos. It was especially noticeable against blue sky. Lately a much larger splodge appeared in the lower left quadrant, most noticeably between the spires of Southwell Minster. Again, it showed up worst against a blue sky.

Horsenden HillI sent off samples to Fuji and they informed me that the standard repair cost was £119 but they would generously trade-in the faulty one for £40 off a replacement. Originally the F10 cost us £221 and since we have shot about 11000 frames with it that works out at around 2p per shutter click.

Horsenden HillMuch web browsing later we decided to stick with Fuji because the xD cards fit very few other cameras and we especially liked the low light abilities of the F10. The natural successor seemed to be the F30 and as this was one of the models offered by Fuji on the trade-up deal we took the plunge. Bang goes another £160.

Horsenden HillThe whole process was handled in a most efficient manner: I sent my first email to Fuji on Sunday afternoon and the replacement camera was delivered to my office on Thursday.

Grand Union CanalAlthough Saturday’s weather was indifferent we felt we had better venture outside to try it out. Initial reaction: we are quite impressed.

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