Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Turvey & Turville - 5 & 6 August 2006

Jonah watching the bridge at TurveyThe weekend was spent exploring small and attractive villages (now's there's an original idea for this country!!)

Saturday was spent in Northamptonshire / Bedfordshire border, cruising around villages on the River Great Ouse. Our favourite was Turvey, where we did a walk from the village, and ended up having a late lunch at the pub alongside the river - excellent value.

The almshouse 'cloisters' at Ewelme Sunday was spent in the Chiltern hills. Neither of our destination villages were on a riverbank, but very appealing non the less. Ewelme has escaped being modernised, and they think the church escaped because even Cromwell's troops could not find it. The church, almshouses and school are like another film set.

Turville housesCobstone Mill overlooking Turville We finished up at Turville, apparently used as a village base for the Midsomer Murders TV series. Most attractive architecture, and even has a windmill on the hilltop beside the village, with wonderful views over the entire village. The pub is very popular, but having sampled its wares we decided that its popularity is because of the charm of the surroundings, not the excellent value of its food.

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