Friday, July 07, 2006

Entertaining Family- 1 & 2 July 2006

Stonehenge - Photo: A BurtThe visiting family requested Stonehenge, a Cotswold village and Cambridge so that was the weekend plan. After being delayed an hour taking delivery of the people-carrier from the car renter we got off to a late start and headed for Stonehenge. Devizes

Once they had done the audio tour we left Stonehenge to the tourist throngs and headed north to Devizes. One of the visitors had done a Uni project on Caen Hill Lockscanals and locks so we stopped at the Caen Hill Locks, an amazing flight of 16 locks in a row (apparently the largest climb in Europe) and part of an overall set of 29 locks moving barge traffic up and down 73m.

Lacock - Photo: A BurtFrom there we stopped briefly at Sandy Lane, before heading to Lacock. This “film set” village is truly delightful, not even a TV aerial to be seen, presumably the custodians, the National Trust, have banned them.

Castle Combe
The last stop of the day was to provide a taste of the Cotswolds with a stop at Castle Combe. It was deserted as all the locals we clustered around King's CollegeTV screens in homes or pubs watching England drop out of the (soccer) World Cup: a great chance to get some shots uncluttered by people.

Sunday was the chance for our visitors to re-visit old haunts in and around Cambridge, ending the day with a punt on the Cam.
The Mathematical BridgeBridge of Sighs

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