Friday, May 26, 2006

Cotswolds - 20 May 2006

The Thames at Wallingford The drought has definitely broken in the south of England, but before it got too miserable, we managed to snatch a few hours of sunshine on Saturday in Wallingford. Wallingford town centre
Wallingford and Burford are two picturesque towns in Oxfordshire, and great for shopping.Looking down the main road into Burford

It used to be a tennis court, now a formal water featureOur lunch spot was Kiftsgate Gardens, where we were able to wander around between rain showers. The gardens have a lovely outlook towards the Malvern Hills. Garden vista to the Malvern Hills

Chastleton HouseChastleton House is a real experience of stepping back in time. The National Trust has only carried out essential work on the property, and basically it is as it has been lived in by the same family for 400 years. Chastleton HouseTo see the house, you need to book in advance, (they only allow 175visitors per day) and the time we choose of 4pm was perfect. We reached the front door just as another rain cloud moved over. The hall had a welcoming fire, and the dimly lit rooms must have been typical of how they looked when the house was lived in. Most of the rooms did not have central electric lighting.

It is amazing to think that someone actually lived in the house as is was until 1991.

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