Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tonbridge - Westerham 10 December 2005

Murray needed to visit one of the The old Castle walls at Tonbridgecompany Homes in Tunbridge Wells so we set off bright and early on a beautiful crisp winter morning. The widening of the M25 past Heathrow is finally done so the trip down was a breeze. Just before Tunbridge Wells is Tonbridge (a real trap on the trains if you are not sure of your geography) and Christine wanted to have a look around there. So she did the shops and sights while Murray went on and sorted the problem at the Home. Autumn colours

Churchill on the Westerham greenAfter collecting Christine we stopped at a very cute town called Westerham where we did a village walk out of a book we have recently purchased. Churchill used to live nearby, so is memorialised on the green. General Wolfe and William Pitt are also ‘old boys’. On the walk we came across a “Narnia’ lamppost. Our Narnia lampost

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